How to Relieve, Reflect, and Refresh in a Reasonably Realistic Way (S-203)

4 week course; A Delta Ministry Certification Course  

Instructor: Dr. Deborah Dueck

What does it look like to multi-task and not become "stressed out?" Did you know not all stress is bad?! This 4 week course explores 9 keys to cultivating a healthy lifestyle; including balancing work, family, and ministry.

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Skilled Spiritual Supporter (S-101)    A Delta Ministry Certification Course TBD
Instructor: Amy Halas Goff, MS
A Skilled Spiritual Supporter is one who has a basic understanding of the spiritual and psychological principles involved in offering productive help in times of crisis or distress.  This course is designed to offer a basic paradigm for applying biblically sound and scientifically proven methodology in a helping capacity.  This 4 week course is designed for the lay person who desires to bring a fuller spiritual and psychological background to their helping dynamics.  Completion of this course offers a certification as a Skilled Spiritual Supporter.
*This course is not intended as a substitute for state licensed therapeutic training.

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Forgiveness (S-202) TBD ​ 

Instructor: Dr. Deborah Dueck

Based on her dissertation, Dr. Dueck details scientific evidence that un-forgiveness can create physical ailments. This course explores the spiritual roots of un-forgiveness and the medical benefits of forgiveness. The student will  walk through scientifically and spiritually proven steps to forgiveness. 

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Facilitating A Spiritual Support Group  A Delta Ministry Certification Seminar TBD
Instructor: Amy Halas Goff, MS

A support group is just that--support! However, there is an undercurrent of implicit learning that happens in a group setting.  An effective and spiritual facilitator is doing more than just monitoring dialogue. He or she is also modeling control, unconditional Christ-like positive regard, the use of spiritual tools, empathy, and problem solving.

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